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I'm Finley Newmark, U23 cyclist for Trinity racing. I started my cycling obsession at Herne Hill velodrome racing both the track and road, I then raced for VCLondres (the local club) for 7 years enjoying the satisfaction and purpose of training but mainly the thrills that came with the racing. The club supports riders really well through youth and junior and as a result has produced many successful riders, I hope to follow in that path whilst continuing to love and maintain the passion for what I am doing.


What this blog is for.

I have growing concerns about what is being down to battle climate change and I am aware of how little is being done in professional sport, more specifically cycling to offset or reduce the impact that we are creating. But at the same time have great appreciation for the tradition, consumerism and passion that drives the sport forward, so with this platform I would like to talk about these issues and ways in which we can combat them along with the usual race and training updates.

2020 with Trinity racing.

 This year I will be moving on from VCLondres to Trinity Racing, they are providing a good opportunity to make my transition to the U23 ranks smooth and in a friendly and positive atmosphere hopefully setting us all up for success in the future. We are extremely lucky to have some amazing sponsors that have provided us with the best equipment available.

Upcoming blog post:

How Cycling Apparel Companies Are Making Sustainable Changes, And Your Power As A Consumer. 



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