Omloop Van Borssele UCI 1.1

Borssele UCI 1.1 Last weekend I rode a UCI race in Holland with a Dutch team Cervelo Goodzo. We went over on Saturday morning so we could get a ride out there before dinner. After 5 hours of traveling we arrived, got kitted up and went straight out on a ride. The week of warm weather had also hit Holland so riding in 20 degrees as the sun set was a luxury, bike lanes and lack of cars made this a great ride. On the plan was sprints and short efforts to activate the legs for Sundays race. We ended up riding to a sea side town called Domburg and back to Middelburg which completed our 1 hour ride. We woke up leisurely on Sunday with the aim to leave the house by 11:15am so plenty of time for a b

Getting results in Belgium (11th and 6th)

Last weekend (7/8 April) I went to Belgium this was instead of the original plan of going to the tour of mendips. As that didn't suit timings (with a week in Spain prior) and the climbs looked a little too brutal for a heavy guy like me. Once the car was packed Leo, George and I set off to the Euro tunnel. Leaving a wet and misty UK for 20 degrees and not a cloud in sight in good old Belgium. We arrived at the race in good time and signed on, got the bikes ready and pin numbers ready for the race. Once navigating the circuit for a warm up it was time to race, I started a bit slow with my legs feeling like they were on holiday but slowly got better and better. Attacks as usual went up the roa

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