Pro Cycling And Its Effects On The Environment

This is a disjointed string of ideas that I have been thinking about for a while when I have been out riding. These thoughts are just out for discussion and there are plenty more factors to the subject of the climate and cycling that haven't been included. However, I feel the topic should be raised as I believe that cultural shifts will need to occur in the not too distant future. I hope to personally make as many changes as possible in order to have a reduced impact on the environment without affecting my cycling performance. I have always had the dilemma of combining my cycling world with the real-world problems that also interest and motivate me. I care quite a bit about the environment,

Junior Tour of Ireland

Junior tour of Ireland was one of the hardest weeks of racing that I have ever done, that being both because it was hard but also because I have never done a one week tour before. The first stage had previously been a road bike time trial but had been changed to a short but sweet 47km road race. Not sure if I liked this idea as with all tours the anticipation of the jerseys being up for grabs gives everyone an extra level of risk taking that can make it more dangerous than if they had lost 10-15seconds already in a 6km TT. I sat near the back watching the carnage from a far before I decided it was time to move up. I came through with some speed and a lack of reaction from the Hot tubes team

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